Art advisor with a collector In front of a painting by Jan Merta, Untitled-Art

Untitled offers advice in buying and selling postwar and contemporary art. We provide art market insight and guidance tailored to our clients’ taste and requirements. Our mission is to help you acquire valuable artworks you will love.

Initial Private Consultation

Book a free initial consultation to let us understand your needs, taste, and art preferences. What is your motivation when buying art? Refining your living space with exceptional works of art, or starting an art collection that will grow in value over time?

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View of Erwin Bohatsch's exhibition at Martin Janda Gallery, Vienna, 2024
A View to Erwin Bohatsch's exhibition at Martin Janda Gallery, Vienna, 2024

Art sourcing and acquisition

We have a rigorous approach to procuring authentic, high-quality artworks. When identifying and acquiring desirable artworks, we use a wide range of sources – galleries, auctions, and the artists themselves. We will always look after your interests and protect the value of your investment.

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@Art Basel Basel, Art Fair

Collection management

Good art collections are living organisms that require care, maintenance, management, development, and vision. Let’s create and develop yours while keeping your art assets well documented, catalogued, curated, and evaluated so that you always know their market value.

Collection management process

Cataloging a collection by entering the artworks into a database, then analyzing it for key themes and relationships between the pieces helps us identify areas where the collection can be developed or enhanced. When acquiring new pieces, you can rely on our expertise in handling the shipping, customs, and insurance, as well as the physical installation in your space.

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@Art Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 2023

Art investment opportunities

Our expertise in postwar and contemporary art leads us to identify exceptional investment opportunities available on the Czech, Central European, and broader international art markets. Art is an increasingly sought-after tangible asset and plays a growing role in diversified investment portfolios worldwide. We provide professional art consulting services and management, both to financial advisors and to investors seeking valuable assets.

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@Václav Cígler and Michal Motycka
@Václav Cígler and Michal Motycka

Art for architecture and interiors

Art has the power to transform a space into a lively and vibrant experience – be it your home, office, hotel, or real estate investment. Curating art for individual projects means working in close collaboration with architects and interior designers so that the space’s own aesthetic is enhanced and elevated.

1/ Individual approach

Understanding all of the technical and aesthetic requirements is an absolute necessity when we set out to conceive a sustainable art project together. Close collaboration between architects, interior designers, and art curators is one of the keys to success when it comes to creating a unique, successful architectural project.

2/ Sourcing artworks

Developing your collection can be done either by sourcing existing artworks or commissioning new ones directly from the artists, the latter being an exciting but potentially risky pursuit if not managed carefully. Ensuring that the resulting art meets both your taste and the agreed-on budget is an essential part of our commitment to our clients. With our market watch tools, we are constantly on the lookout for acquisition opportunities to be brought to the attention of our clients.

3/ Curating space

Displaying artworks competently is an art in itself. When curating a space, we strive to bring harmony between art, architecture, and design. We always take into consideration both the technical and the aesthetic aspects of each and every project. We install artworks in spaces according to an overall concept tailor-made for each individual client.

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@Vienna Contemporary, Collectors night, Vienna, Austria, 2023

Getting to know art fairs

Visiting art fairs is a great way to build your familiarity with both art trends and artists. In addition to being marketplaces for buying and selling art, international art fairs are wonderfully entertaining social events that provide ample inspiration and the latest info about what’s happening in the art world. We are at home in this environment, and would be more than happy to share our insights with you. Let’s spend some time together at these fascinating events.

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